28/07/2010 - River Soar

As shown by the photo, my mate is lucky enough to live right next to one of the weirs on the River Soar.

View from the lawn!

Although he is an out and out carper with several fish over 40lb, including two English 50lbers, to his name, he mentioned that he had caught a few barbel from the weirpool. I therefore badgered him incessantly until he agreed to take me on a short evening session. Started off by freelining for some chub that were present in one of the channels between the islands downstream of the weir. Had two small ones in quick succession before we waded over to the main pool, which he'd baited up with a tin of spam earlier. Fishing was pretrty simple - big lumps of meat with just enough lead to hold on the rocky bottom. Then it was just a case of holding the rod and waiting for bites.

Good heron impression.

Unfortunately, apart from a few chubby rattles, those bites never came, so it was a case of back to the house for a cup of tea and a natter! No doubt that fish were there, will just have to try again......


  1. I can feel a new TV series coming on - Life swap!

    I want your mate's back garden!

  2. Don't worry - he's paying for it. He's mortgaged up to the eyeballs! Lol!!