11/02/2011 - River Dove

River Dove, part two. Enthusiasm kindled by the pike I had yesterday, I decided to return with the proper gear. A look on the Environment Agency website showed that the river had risen slightly after yesterday's rain, but was already dropping back down again. A quick trip to the tackle shop on the way for a couple of packs of deadbaits saw little change out of £10, which left me thinking about all those silver fish I caught in the summer! At the venue, I soon had two paternostered roach deadbaits fluttering nicely out on the crease. Was first outing for the "Billy's Backbiters" (Christmas present to myself) and they looked damn fine set up in the sunshine, which was a nice change to yesterday's gloom.

Traps set, anybody home?

Unfortunately, in spite of me staring at them for the best part of two hours willing them to drop off, there was no pike action to be had. Sod's Law! Packed the pike rods away with about an hour of daylight left and got the float rod out again. Whilst the minnows did their best to pull the lobs off the hook, giving me several heart attacks in the process, the perch didn't want to play either. Wasn't the only one fishing. Two Little grebes and a female Merganser were working along the far bank. Hope they did better than me...

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