04/10/2011 - River Soar

A quick trip with the lure rod and some "rubbers" after work. Headed up to the main weir, but found the river to be painfully low and clear. It was interesting to see all of the normally unseen debris in the weir pool, including a section of metal railings and the fence post I snapped a rod on earlier in the year! However, failed to tempt or even spot a single fish. Therefore moved downstream and bumped a crayfish along the face of the side weir off the canal where there was a bit more depth and flow. Second cast I had a solid take off a perch that put up a good scrap in the current. 

Crayfish muncher

Worked downstream, bumped a couple of fish and had another perch follow the lure. Tried to tempt a chub from one of the side channels, but nothing doing, so I headed for the lock. Bumped a fish first cast down the channel, then had another perch a few casts later. Tried a few more spots, but that was the sum total of the action. River looks really lacklustre at the moment. Dare I say it? We need rain!

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