08/03/2012 - River Soar

Paperwork, meetings and the unpredictable British weather conspired against me last week. I managed to grab a couple of hours to go after some chub on the Trent on Friday afternoon, but just got freezing cold for one bream! After another busy start to this week, I decided that I just wanted to go and catch some fish, so threw my remaining deadbaits in the bag and headed to the Soar again.

Waiting for a big girl...

Again, the response in the first swim was pretty quick, with three fish of the usual stamp in the net within an hour - all on the same rod and all on smelt.

...but all I got were these.

Had a lucky escape in the middle of all that. Was sat watching the floats when I happened to glance downstream to see a low flying Canada Goose coming straight up the river towards me. Jumped up in time to see it pass straight under the first line, but then give the second line a hefty clip with its wing, causing the rod to cartwheel over the front rest and disappear into the river! I was standing there completely stunned when the top six inches of the rod rose gracefully like Excaliber from the water. Luckily it was within reach of the landing net, so I was able to snag it and get it back in. Couldn't help laughing out loud  - my face must have been a picture when the rod went in. My only thought was that it must have been a "stealth goose", because you can usually hear the noisy buggers coming from a mile off!

Went quiet after the intial flurry, so started fishing to the clock and leapfrogging downstream. Picked up another fish, again on smelt, that decided to thank me for unhooking it by doing a good impression of a crocodile, leaving me with nicely gashed knuckles. 


Had a couple more runs after this, but the hooks failed to stick for some reason. Stomach was growling by 12 o'clock so when an old boy decided to reverse his longboat through my swim at full throttle (happily waving at me while he did so!), I called it a day and headed home. 


  1. Hi Ian
    Me and my father were fishing for barbel when two swans came from nowhere, hit my old mans line and ripped his rod into the Wye! Luckily my line caught around his rod so I could slowly reel it into the bank. Amazingly lucky and very funny afterwards. Well done on the catch


  2. 'Stealth goose' keeping low to the water to avoid detection Ian ......hahaha

    I wish I could catch more than one pike in a session.

    One of those days by the sounds of it .

    Tight lines

    Baz Peck

  3. I was piking with two mates a good few years back now on a local pit, the banks were a bit steep where we were so the rods were high, all three sets in a row with maybe ten yards between them.

    We were all sitting there when all of a sudden a load of Canadian geese took off from right up the top of the lake and headed straight at my rods. The other two lads did what mates do best and jumped straight in with teh piss take, "here we go Thomo's gonna get three runs at once here" and all that business. The birds were within spitting distance when they suddenly veered off, went parallel to the bank and then straight through all three of Trev's rods with line screaming off the reels after tjhem until they landed 20 yards up the bank!

    Oh how sorry I was for poor old Trev... :)