27/08/2013 - Cleddau Estuary

Another few days down in Wales and another chance for a few more bass. However, it wasn't until right at the end of the holiday that all of the conditions lined up favourably. Dawn on the last two mornings therefore saw me expectantly waiting down on the estuary at low tide.

Dawn on the estuary

As soon as the current started pushing in I set about covering the water in front of me with the Megabass X-130 in the sardine pattern that had done the job on previous occasions. On both days there was an endless procession of mullet making their way past me up the estuary, some of them just drifting along with the current with their backs out of the water and others speeding through like torpedoes with the occasional acrobatic leap thrown in. The water was gin clear and there were also lots of small bait fish visible in the margins, which seemed to bode well. However, on the first morning I began to wish I was fishing for the mullet and not the bass, as I eventually managed just the one small schoolie. Did slightly better the following day in terms of numbers with four more schoolies, the best barely scraping 2lb.

Silver bar
Have enjoyed my few sessions on the estuary this year. However, there'll be another opportunity for a "proper" fish during the bi-annual surf trip down to Saunton in October when I hope to meet up with Joel Squires again. In the meantime, how am I going to catch those mullet next year.......?


  1. You'll have to take the fly rod for the mullet Ian!
    Never done it myself but I've read a fair bit on the subject and it seems to be an exciting way to fish for them.

  2. Indeed! Was even thinking of using the brother-in-law's kayak to sneak up on 'em!