06/06/2014 - Go local, go light!

Been finding as I get older (!!) that I'm less inclined to drag loads of gear with me when I go fishing. I suppose that's why trout fishing has regained its appeal, especially on small streams where all I need are my fly rod, landing net and a small sling bag to carry my bits and bobs. I'm also loathed to travel too far as distance = time + money in my eyes, neither of which are in great abundance nowadays! Fishing local and light means I can fit in short sessions as and when, as was the case today. Had a morning meeting down in Leicestershire, so left home a few hours earlier and headed for the small brook I'd had a couple of sessions on last year. This time I'd arranged prior access with the farmer, so I wouldn't be looking over my shoulder all the time! Arrived to find the brook running low and gin clear. With the sun rapidly coming up it looked like it might be a bit of grueller and so it turned out. Had a "bump" first cast, but then had nothing for the first hour, despite covering lots of ground and all of the usual spots. Was having to fish blind a lot of the time, because when did pop my head over the marginal vegetation all I saw was a puff of silt and a rapidly retreating bow wave heading upstream! Was beginning to get a bit frustrated when I dropped the nymph into a near bank run and got a proper rattle - fish on at last!   


Eventually came to the "banker" pool, but even that was a bit dour today. Only managed to tempt one small, but very pretty, fish out of it. 

What a handsome fella'

Had not ventured past this point on the brook before, so went for an explore and spotted a fish holding station in a shallow run. However, I surprised to see that it was a roach. He looked like he'd had a run in with a heron, so I left him alone and carried on upstream to the next pool. First cast in I saw a a big white mouth open to intercept the nymph as it drifted downstream. Gave it some welly to get it out of the pool and away from snags. Was a really good big, dark fish and I could see every spot on it as it charged around in the clear water. Was getting ready to net it when the hook popped out with the fish just out of range - aaargh! Changed the fly and disconsolately dropped it in again. Was surprised to get another take and even more surprised when it turned out to be a little perch.    


Was running out of time by now, but one more pool under a tree beckoned. The cast was bit awkward, but I managed to flick the nymph up into the deeper water - bang!  Was a nice, densely spotted fish that gave me a good run around in the confined space and a decent consolation for the one I lost.


That one really did call time on proceedings, so it was back to the car and back to the grindstone.... 

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