09/04/2015 - Bit cold yet?

Despite the glorious weather over Easter itself, previous rain meant that the rivers were up and carrying a bit of colour when we arrived in Wales. Trout fishing was therefore put on hold until the last day of the holiday. Whilst the river at my "free" spot was still a bit above normal level, it had cleared considerably. Unfortunately, the sun was already off the water when I arrived in the afternoon - blocked off by the steep, wooded hillside - so it felt distinctly chilly in the downstream breeze when I slipped into the water at the top of the stretch.  


Had got my normal three fly cast on with a goldhead on the point and two spiders on the droppers. Had a few casts, but didn't feel the flies were getting down quick enough with the extra water. Luckily, I had a fast-sink leader in the bag - a freebie off the front of Trout Fisherman ages ago - so after a quick re-tackle I was fishing again with a bit more confidence. However, apart from a few, quick rattles, I was half way down to the bridge before I had my first fish on the point fly. Just a little one and covered in fish leeches. First time I'd ever seen them on a trout and presumably an indication that they weren't really active yet.


Had a couple more small ones, again on the goldhead, and was nearly at the bridge when I saw a few flies heading upstream against the wind. A few turned into a constant stream, so I stopped fishing and managed to snag one in the landing net on its way past. Was surprised to see that it was a small caddis, which I later identified as the grannom. 

Brachycentrus subnubilis

Waited to see what would happen but, whilst the grey wagtails under the bridge and even the local robin were quick to plunder the new food supply, there were very few rises from any trout. I'd not got any suitable dries with me anyway. However, when I eventually spotted a slashing rise directly opposite me and just past mid-river, I flicked the flies across and "high-sticked" them over the spot. Second try and a trout took the Greenwells spider just as it hit the water.

Fooled him!

Carried on scanning the water, but the trout seemed singularly uninterested in what was happening above them. I've since read that what I was seeing were females returning to lay eggs and that the trout probably gorged themselves during the hatch earlier in the day. As I was pretty cold by now (I was foolishly only wearing shorts under my waders!) I decided to pack it in and head home. Oh well, it's nice to think that at my age I've still got a lot to learn about fishing!

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