17/09/10 - River Trent

Up in Newark area again in the afternoon, so arranged to meet Jim, a colleague from work, at Fiskerton afterwards.

Omens weren't good as the the anglers on the first few pegs hadn't had a knock all day. River was gin clear despite the rain the previous day. However, we decided to carry on a bit further downstream to an area where Jim had caught a few fish last week. Seems Jim knew something I didn't as he had two 7 lbers in his first two casts. I had to wait just after dark for a 5 lber and then a little bit later for a proper one, albeit with a deformed left pectoral that gave it a drunken roll when I popped it back.


Jim had packed up and come over to my peg for a chat just before I had my second fish. He'd done considerably better than me and had caught ten to just over 7lb. Whilst we had both been fishing similar tactics, i.e. pellet hookbaits with PVA bags, he'd been fishing a single Elips pellet on a size 10 hook with a 5 ft fluorocarbon hooklink. Food for thought and something I should have picked up on earlier! As we walked back to the car I'm sure I heard the owl that had flown over my head earlier shout "T....wit"!

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