26/09/10 - River Derwent

Cold, grey and windy......what the hell! Headed off to the Derwent at about 4 pm. Got there to find an empty carpark (what a suprise!). Was soon tucked down out of the wind. Not cosy, but comfortable. Basically spent the first two hours feeding my new pellets to the chub. Had several of those chubby "doinks" on the rod top that come completely out of the blue and give you heart attack, but then leave you paranoid about whether you've got a bait left on the hair.....until the next "doink" that is! Bailiff came along for a chat. Fed a few pellets to his dog, or rather his dog helped itself. More rattles and pulls, until a chub eventually came along with a big enough mouth to take the hook as well. Gave a scrap worthy of a small barbel. Just into dark had a proper wrap around bite on the downstream rod, resulting in a barbel of just under 7lb.

Great condition, but a bit bigger please!

Fished on a bit longer, but even the chub appeared to have lost interest. Two fish chalked up to the combi rig anyway. Left about 8 pm, narrowly avoiding the big steaming pile deposited by the bailiff's dog, probably in thanks for all the pellets it ate.....

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