Club lake - 16/03/2011

Have tended to fish for the perch once the rivers have closed on the same small club water for the last few seasons now. Mostly short sessions straight after work. No monsters, in fact I only got my first fish over 2lb from here last year. However, there have always been a few about over the pound mark and the occasional mention of much bigger fish on the club forum keeps drawing me back. It is also very quiet this time of year and this session was no exception, with just one other angler fishing the adjacent pit. I was therefore able to drop into my favoured spot in the corner. The chubber float was replaced with a waggler fished as a slider, so I could swing it underarm close up against the willows.

Spot the float!

Put out some chopped worm and dead maggots mixed with a bit of Sonubaits Supacrush Green, dropped a lobworm on top and sat down to wait. Soon started to get knocks and lifts on the float that didn't materialise into anything. A few dead maggots in the margins showed there were quite a few fry about, so sat on my hands and waited for a proper bite. Was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen when the float eventually moved off and slowly disappeared. Strike met with decent resistance and my first stillwater perch of the year, a plump fish of 1lb 10oz.

Where's your Dad?

Thought that fish was the beginning of something, but there was no further action. Got very cold, very quickly after about 6 pm and I had to go to the car for another jacket. Packed up shortly afterwards as the mist descended, soaking everything. Car thermometer said it was 5 degrees Centigrade! What happened to Spring?

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