River Soar - 07/03/2011

Had a two hour slot between finishing work and getting home to babysit while the wife went to her Italian lesson. Decided to go for quick chub session on the Soar. Had driven over the river on Friday when it was still carrying a lot of colour, so was a bit suprised to see that it was clear again. Headed for the usual spots. Started off on lobworm, but had no interest until swim number 4 when I missed my first bite by being far too hasty with the strike. Let things settle down, then put on a lump of cheesepaste. Had made myself a "baby's head" with all of the left over cheese from Christmas. It was just starting to ripen nicely! First cast in, the tip pulled 'round and a chunky 3 lber was soon in the net.

Er....Loggerhead (running out of names!)

Went back and fished my first two swims without any further success. With an eye on the clock I was away before it was fully dark.

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