Syndicate Lake - 21/05/11

Another short evening session on the lake. Not quite ready for an overnighter yet. Takes too much organising and I'm liking my bed too much at the moment! Arrived to find that fish spotting would be impossible due the "chop" on the lake (Is anybody else fed up with this wind? It feels as if it's been blowing since March!). I therefore settled into the same swim as last time in the hope that there'd be at least one carp mooching around the margin of the island. Set up as before, carefully avoiding the huge deposits of Canada Goose sh*t! Had to wait until it was just getting dark before any sign of a fish. The geese were just making their usual, very noisy, way onto the island to roost for the night when the right hand rod rattled off out of the blue. Could tell by the dashing around that it was a common, rather than one of the plodding mirrors. On the bank it went a shade over 12lb (note I managed to capture a nice "deposit" in the top right of the picture).

A carp!

Packed up shortly afterwards and left the geese to their bedtime routine.

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