River Derwent - 16/06/2011

I've never been one to rush out on the first day of the season, but this time I got the urge for some reason so, after completing my evening domestic duties, I set off for a couple of hours on the Derwent. First suprise was an empty carpark. Had everybody bagged up and gone home, or quite the opposite??

Where is everybody?

River was incredibly low, much lower than I'd ever seen it, with gravel sticking out all over the place. I therefore headed to a spot where I knew there'd be some depth running into shallower, faster water. Arriving at the swim, there was a big cloud of mayflies dancing on the surface and small fish were topping everywhere. Things looked good. I soon had two baits out in likely spots and sat and waited.......and waited. I punctuated the waiting by flicking out some pouchfuls of pellets down the crease. As the light started dropping I could see quite a few, bigger fish bow-waving on the shallows downstream, so I waited some more hoping that they'd move onto my bait. Hmmmmm. It was fully dark before I had my first and only proper bite. A fin perfect chub of about 3lb on the upstream rod. At least I got to christen my new Korum landing net!

New season, first fish

The only other highlight was the Tawny Owl that flew about 5 feet over my head. A big full moon came up, the temperature dropped and I got very cold, very quickly. When the bats started twanging off my lines, I called it a day and got back to the car just before midnight. The thermometer showed 6 degrees Centigrade! Flaming June??

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