12/09/12 - River Trent

Met up with Tim for a session on the River Trent near Swarkestone. Tim had expressed a desire to trot for roach, whilst I had perch in mind again. Arrived to find Tim already trotting away in the swim I'd directed him to. Set up next to him and we were soon both trotting down the same crease, me with maggots and Tim with hemp and tares. After a while it was apparent that, whilst I was probably bettering him for numbers, Tim's seed approach was certainly accounting for the better fish with some quality roach and dace falling to his rod. That wasn't really my game plan anyway so, as soon as there were a few suitable baits in the bucket, the perch rod went out along the side of the weed bed just downstream of us. Had not been in long when the tip was wrenched over and I connected with a decent stripey. Tim did the honours with the net, landing a fish that went a pleasing 2lb 6oz on the scales. 

Wet, but happy!

A quick snap in the rain and the rod was put out to the same place again. A few minutes later the process was repeated, but this time the resulting fish was a few ounces heavier at 2lb 10oz.

Even wetter, but still smiling.
Tim took the hint and got a perch rod out as well after this. However, whilst the action continued for both of us with several perch up to 1 lb plus, nothing matched the stamp of those first two fish. Great sport nonetheless with Tim continuing to catch on the float rod as well, switching between tares and caster on the hook for a mixed bag of bleak, roach, dace, chub, perch and the odd skimmer. With a couple of jacks thrown in for good measure it was a good indicator that the Trent is in pretty good nick as a fishery at the moment.


  1. That is a lovely couple of Perch, well worth the soaking.

  2. Great catch Ian, I'm up there tonight but I'm after a decent pike that bit me off when I was trotting for roach the other week, nice to see a few of the big perch around too.
    So many fish too little time.....!