17/04/2014 - More spotties and a bar of silver

Tried a different section of river today that I'd found on Google Earth, this time several miles upstream of where I was previously and therefore quite different in nature - a faster, shallower channel hemmed in between a steep wooded bank and the site of an old trout farm, with the only access by wading down the river itself from a ford upstream.

Into the valley

Fished the pockets and the deeper, steadier sections with same team of flies as before. First fish was an 8", solid bar of silver that spent more time in the air than the water. Unfortunately it wriggled out of my grasp before I got a photo, so I was left guessing whether I'd caught my second ever sewin, or my first ever salmon. Was spotties after that, including best fish of the holiday so far that punched well above its weight in the fast current.

Fin perfect

Again it was the goldhead GRHE on the point that took the honours, with just a single fish coming on the top dropper.

One on the Partridge

There was some good news when I got back to the house - Angus had decided that he'd had enough of being hungry and mobbed by crows, buzzards and squirrels and had allowed Alex and and his wife, Emma, to finally catch him after four days on the run.

The wanderer has returned!

Found him safely installed on the lawn looking like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, but then again who'd argue with him?!

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