21/04/2014 - Bank Holiday bass

Last day of the holiday and the first morning where low tide actually coincided with first light, so I was itching to have a session after the bass. However, the weather hadn't been brilliant the day before - cold, windy and wet - so when I drove down to the estuary at Lawrenny just before dawn I wasn't feeling 100% confident. Got there to find the wind funneling down the inlet, pushing waves up against the incoming tide and rocking the boats on their moorings. 


The wave action on the shore had caused the water to colour up slightly, so I swapped my usual Megabass X-120 for its bigger, brighter brother - an X-140 in pearl rainbow. Had been casting away for about an hour, getting less and less confident, when the tip went 'round out of the blue. Just a schoolie, but very welcome.

Baby bass

Carried on with renewed enthusiasm and a few casts later hooked a fish that took off like a scalded cat, making several runs and taking line off the clutch before I got it under control. The reason soon became apparent when I got it in the shallows - a grey mullet hooked firmly in the tail!

Not quite a first!

There had been a few showing - some jumping clean out of the water - so there were obviously a few around. However, I've got plans for these chaps in the summer, so wasn't too disappointed that my first mullet on the bank didn't really count. By this time the margins had really started to colour up as the tide pushed up the muddy shore, but I decided to stick it out a bit longer. Moved up the shore slightly and tried a few casts along the boundary between coloured and clearer water.


Was rewarded with another clonk on the rod tip and another schoolie.


Had a few casts around the corner in the relative calm of the main estuary, but without any further success, so called it a day and headed home for breakfast.

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