20/01/11 - River Soar

First session of the year and it was a bit of a grueller! Fished three hours for one bite and one fish, which was a bit disappointing given the planning that had gone into getting the afternoon off work. River looked okay when I arrived. Level still slightly up, but nice and clear. Was suprised to see quite a few other people on the section, including three chaps spinning for pike, but was still able to drop into the "banker" and bait up a couple of back up swims. Given the clarity of the water I opted for a couple of small balls of mashed bread with a bit of Sonubaits hemp and hali crush mixed in, followed up by a big lump of flake on the hook. Seemed to do the trick in the first swim, with a chunky 2lb+ fish soon coming to the net.


Unfortunately that was the sum total of the action and, despite rotating round the swims and changing baits, I spent the next two and a half hours watching a motionless quiver tip. Not that I was bored. Along with the seemingly never ending stream of ramblers, joggers and dog walkers, a pair of Little Grebes popped up periodically on the far bank and, just as it got dark, a Tawny Owl flew through the trees and across the river just downstream of me. Sometimes it's not all about the fish........but a fish is nice!

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