Bits and Bobs - 18/04/2011

Blimey, last two weeks have flown by, although I haven't really had the inclination to go anywhere. Last session left me a bit jaded and wondering if I was just fishing for fishing's sake. The cold I had three weeks ago is still hanging around as well. I sound like a 40 a day man when I wake up in the morning! Still, there's positive things on the horizon. Going down to Pembs for 10 days over Easter, followed by a surfing trip down to Saunton with the lads. I'm taking down the lure fishing gear this time and hoping to hook up with a local chap while I'm there for some bassing. That's lead me into the high tech and expensive world of bass lures. Twenty quid for a piece of plastic (an albeit beautifully designed piece of Japanese plastic) is pushing anybody's budget, prompting me to delve into my own lure collection. This revealed no end of other bits of plastic that have never seen the end of my line. I can only think that I must have had my nose in the Harris Angling catalogue a bit too often! I've sorted a few out (mostly surface lures by Heddon, Smithwick, Luhr Jensen, Argobast and Bagley) and put them on eBay along with a couple of centrepins if anybody's interested (search for "toodle2" under items by seller in advanced search).

Everything must go!

Club Lake - 01/04/2011

Another trip to the "club lake" after work (aka Glazebrooks Pool - no need to be coy after somebody guessed it!). South westerly was hammering into my usual corner when I got there, but with everybody else carp fishing on the pool next door I had free choice of swims. Ended up in the other corner on the same bank, fishing into 8 feet of water off the end of a willow. Applied the usual formula of chopped worm and dead maggots, with lobworm fished over the top. Took a while before there was any interest. Had a couple of sail away bites that I didn't connect with, the worm coming back nipped off below the hook. Changed to a smaller hook and worm section. Quickly had two small ones before it died completely, with nothing else coming before dark. Notwithstanding the fact I wasn't in my "comfort zone", it was all a bit of a let down. Looking at my diary, a session last year almost to the day resulted in 15 fish, including the 2lb 1oz perch shown below and a bonus tench. Despite the promise shown by that 2lber, the fish just don't seem to be there in the same numbers this year. Perhaps a hint to try somewhere else....

Happier days and longer hair!