Club Lake - 01/04/2011

Another trip to the "club lake" after work (aka Glazebrooks Pool - no need to be coy after somebody guessed it!). South westerly was hammering into my usual corner when I got there, but with everybody else carp fishing on the pool next door I had free choice of swims. Ended up in the other corner on the same bank, fishing into 8 feet of water off the end of a willow. Applied the usual formula of chopped worm and dead maggots, with lobworm fished over the top. Took a while before there was any interest. Had a couple of sail away bites that I didn't connect with, the worm coming back nipped off below the hook. Changed to a smaller hook and worm section. Quickly had two small ones before it died completely, with nothing else coming before dark. Notwithstanding the fact I wasn't in my "comfort zone", it was all a bit of a let down. Looking at my diary, a session last year almost to the day resulted in 15 fish, including the 2lb 1oz perch shown below and a bonus tench. Despite the promise shown by that 2lber, the fish just don't seem to be there in the same numbers this year. Perhaps a hint to try somewhere else....

Happier days and longer hair!

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  1. Nice perch Ian. Been trying for them too but with limited success and much smaller fish. Maybe meet you on the bank some time.
    Cheers, Rob Goodwin