Syndicate Lake - 13/05/2011

Have been a member of a carp syndicate on a small estate lake for the last couple of years. Haven't exactly set the world on fire in that time, just through not getting the hours in, and was thinking of giving the ticket up this year. However, something made me decide to give it one more go, so I parted with the cash and dragged myself out for a short evening session. Set up in my favourite peg opposite a small island. Two rods with flavoured, artificial corn on KD rigs ( went out over a few spods of hemp and sweetcorn. The third rod fished a small fluoro pop up out in open water. Was soon getting indications on the bobbins and a stuttering take on one of the rods up to the island signalled the first fish. Not a carp, but a pigeon-chested bream of 8lb 2oz.


Rod went back out to the same spot and it wasn't long before the bobbin was jangling away again, resulting in a carbon copy of the first fish, albeit an ounce lighter. Unfortunately, it went very quiet after this. Fished on until just after dark, but had no further interest. Was perhaps a bit much to expect a carp first session, but those two bream certainly lifted me out of the doldrums.

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