04/01/2012 - River Soar

First "session" of the year. Well, more a snatched hour at lunchtime and really an excuse to try out a new lure outfit. Had decided that my existing gear was a bit too heavy to get the best out of the rubber lures I've been buying, so invested my Christmas money in a 7ft Okuma Hexana spinning rod with a 5-20 g casting weight, paired with an Okuma Trio FD reel (buying them as an outfit from Glasgow Angling Centre saved about £50). First opportunity to try them out was on the River Soar at Kegworth. Cast a 3" Big Hammer rubber shad (the baby bass pattern is a great minnow imitation) around the houseboat and the barges moored at the bottom of the section. Could feel the tail throbbing away nicely through the rod tip. Didn't have anything after the first few casts so, given the cold weather, slowed it right down until the shad was tripping bottom. A few more casts, then bang! A nice fat perch and job done. Five minutes later I was back in the car and out of the wind.

That's the rod christened then!

Made me feel a bit better about things after getting bogged down and having only one trip to my name in December. At least we're on the right side of winter now - those extra couple of minutes of daylight each day seem to make all the difference. Sessions after work will soon be a reality again, but the lure outfit will certainly be staying in the car for those opportune moments. Happy New Year!

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