17/08/2013 - Leicestershire Brook

More a pre-work recce to look for some new spots to try before the end of the trout season in a few weeks time. However, took along the fly rod if the opportunity arose for a cast or two. There had been heavy rain overnight but, whilst carrying a bit of extra water, the brook only had a slight, peaty tinge about it. By contrast the stream across the other side of the field was running a nice grey/brown colour and smelled slightly of sewage! Had a poke around on downstream section again and got stung through my trousers by the nettles a few times as a result. Did spot a couple of fish rising so, as there was nobody about still, went and got the rod from the car. Had exhausted my supply of my favoured fly pattern, a size 14 GRHE with a copper head, on previous trips so went for a black goldhead instead. The trout didn't seem to mind and it was probably a better choice given the slight colour anyway. Bumped one off first cast, then had a small one to hand.

Spotty 1

Half a dozen casts (flicks, dibbles, dangles - whatever you want to call them!) later, I had a better one in the net.

Spotty 2
Left it at that, conscious of the time and the risk of drawing unwanted attention to myself, but already thinking of a couple more trips in September to try and catch an end of season "lunker".

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