22/09/13 - Trent and Mersey Canal

Arranged to have a quick session down on the cut for the zander with my mate Tim. In contrast to the previous weekend it was bright, warm and sunny. Possibly not the best weather for zeds, but couldn't really complain and by tea time I was desperate to get off. Unfortunately things started to go downhill from there. A text from Tim announced that he wouldn't be able to come after all. Secondly, I got delayed on a congested M1 and didn't get down to the canal until gone 7pm. Finally, with the sun disappearing, I rushed to "the spot" only to find it occupied by three yoofs, each with two rods out for the carp. Set up some way downstream from them with a view to leap-frogging down to the next lock. Soon had two rods out with half deadbaits on single hook rigs, one in the far margin and one down the middle. Was still light when I had a pick up on the margin rod. Fish shot off like a torpedo when I struck, heading straight through my other line. Luckily a competent dog walker was on hand to net a very angry pike of about 6lb. Sorted out the tangle and got both rods back in as it got fully dark. Soon had a pick up on the rod down the channel resulting in a stolen bait, but then had to leap-frog down a couple of times before I got another run. This time the hook gained a solid purchase, resulting in a small zander.

Baby zed

The carp yoofs went around 9pm, so I decided to drop in on their swim and try my luck there as I'd had no further interest after that zander. Unfortunately, the sole action was to wind in both rods an hour later! Was so still and clear by this stage that I could see The Plough reflected in the surface of the canal, which was like a mirror in front of me. Left for home having collected three Sainsburys carrier bags full of food wrappers and empty boilie bags (bless 'em!) and scratching my head once again.......

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