13/11/2014 - Change of hat, change of fortune.

Had two more sessions after zander this week and it really was a game of two halves. Was hoping to try the River Trent yesterday, but it was carrying a bit too much water, so opted for the section of the Soar where I'd had a successful debut last week instead. However, in contrast, this turned out to be a very frustrating session. Fished exactly the same bait and rigs as last time on a slightly higher, coloured river. Three takes - nod, nod, nod on the rod tip, line pulling through the fingers, wound down to....nothing! Fourth take, wound down to...a snag! Manage to pull out to feel a heavy fish still attached and kicking on the end. Got it right under my feet and was just getting ready with the net  and...the hook pulled out! Sat there for another two hours without another sniff, so I was absolutely gutted when I made my way home. However, didn't spend too much time licking my wounds as I was back there again today for a quick session after work with newly tied rigs and fresh bait. There was a bit more flow and colour on than the previous day, but it still looked pretty good. This time I had to wait all of 10 minutes before the upstream rod started nodding and I wound down to feel another heavy fish. Played it with kid gloves expecting something to go wrong, but on landing it I found the hook well inside the mouth and not going anywhere. Turned out to be an 8lb 1oz zander with a distinctive split rear dorsal, best from the river so far.

Confidence restored!

Didn't have any further interest, so didn't spend fruitless hours this time sat in the dark. Two hours after I started I was back at the car and a lot happier than before. They may have just been a bit finicky and me unlucky with the fish I lost yesterday. However, I put it down to my hat! Couldn't find my favourite "Urban Trout" beanie yesterday, so had to make do with the wife's, which happened to be in the car. Unfortunately I suspect there was some bad karma and payback involved given our "friendly" rivalry when it comes to rugby - me being an England supporter and her following the "Land of my Fathers". 


Hopefully normal service is now resumed!


  1. My God Ian, thats a biggun! Well done mate, not a p.b.?

  2. Ha! Nope - had a 9lber from the fens....a very, very long time ago!