Personal bests

Here are my current personal bests from the last 20 years of fishing. Some of them are ancient (as can be seen from some of the photos!), some are currently non-existent (roach, dace) and some are never likely to change as I've moved away from that side of fishing, but personal bests are always meant to be set and broken, so I suppose I'm far from done yet!

Barbel - 12lb 6oz (River Dove, Derbyshire)

A very welcome suprise!

Bream - 10lb 8oz (Wade Lake, Staffs)

Three nights for one tench, one bream, one carp and a load of eels!

Carp - 26lb 3oz (Moorgreen Reservoir, Notts)

One night's guest ticket, one run!

Catfish - 133lb (River Ebro)

A "proper" fish from the lower river, not a pellet-fed freak

Chub - 5lb 15oz (River Mease, Staffs)

Biggest of five "5"s from a lovely little river - long gone now

Eel - 4lb 0oz (Shipbrook Flash, Cheshire)

The reward after a freezing night!

Grayling - 2lb 9oz (River Dove, Derbs)

Thanks Tim (again)!

Perch - 3lb 10oz (River Trent, Derbs)

The biggest fish of all
Pike - 19lb 9oz (River Glen, Lincs)

Upstaged by Tim with a 20lb 3oz from the next swim

Tench - 7lb 2oz (Wade Lake, Staffs)

When flat-tops were still fashionable?

Zander - 9lb 11oz (River Trent, Derbs)

Trent monster

Will have to try hard now and replace some of these photographs!

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  1. Some great PB's in there! and great memories I bet...