25/07/2010 - River Dove

Mind was made up for me where to go when my mate Tim phoned up and asked if I'd like to join him flyfishing on a syndicate water on the River Dove near Ashbourne. He even offered to provide all the kit to save me digging my own out from where I'd left it several months, or even years, ago! Met him in the carpark later that afternoon and, with the beat to ourselves, we had a leisurely stroll upstream. River was low and clear with a few fish visible in the pools, but none really rising with any great deal of enthusiasm. Those fish that were showing proved to be very cagey.

Tim fishing the "Klink and dink"
Managed to wheedle out one apiece, mine on the tiniest CDC "F-Fly" I'd ever seen and Tim's on a Klinkhammer. It was nice to do something different and may well go back in the winter for the grayling.

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