River Derwent - 04/03/2011

Weather didn't exactly look inspiring when I woke up this morning - cold, wet and miserable - but it was the first opportunity to go fishing for a while, so the perch gear went in the back of the car for a quick session after work. As soon as the clock ticked 'round to 3, I was off out the door and on my way to meet my mate Tim at Borrowash. Happiness was an empty carpark! Wandered down and got set up. Had a phone call from Tim to say the job he was on had been delayed, so started without him by trotting a lobworm around any likely looking spots. Hadn't had anything by the time he arrived. He'd had to leave home in a hurry, so only had a lure rod and a few rubbers that he proceeded to throw around downstream. After getting bitten off by a jack he came and sat next to me, just as I was trundling the float down the side of an old reed bed. Float duly slid away and I struck into what I thought was a pike due the initial sullen resistance. After a few seconds the pike livened up and turned into a perch. However, by the time it rolled over in the net it had changed into a typical Derwent chub!

Chevin I

Soon afterwards Tim's phone rang and he was gone, but not before we made plans to meet up on the Dove at Tutbury next Thursday for a last minute fling. Got the tip rod out and flicked a lob on a link leger downstream into a slack I'd baited earlier and popped the bobbin on. Just as well. I had just turned to pack the float rod away when I heard the bobbin hit the rod. Picked up the rod to feel definite chubby vibes on the other end. So it turned out. Slightly bigger than the first, with a healed wound under the dorsal and a funny yellowpatch under the chin.

Chevin II

Fished on into dark, but apart from a quick lift on the bobbin, that was it. A big perch eludes me yet again!

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