Bits and Bobs - 26/02/2011

Work, a funeral and a trip down to Wales at half term put paid to any fishing last week. Did manage to get out and fly the birds with the brother-in-law though, including the new Lanner Falcon that soon acquired the name of "Orville" (as in Keith Harris's annoying, green sidekick) on account of him arriving from the breeder's in Ireland a bit on the weedy side and unable to fly to his full potential. Nothing that a bit of beef heart and plenty of exercise can't put right!

"I wish I could fly right up to the sky....."

Took two of the Harris Hawks out to recce a new venue and do a bit of opportunist hunting. Saw a few rabbits, but didn't manage to bag one. Luckily there as many excuses in hawking as there are in fishing, i.e. the sun was too bright, the wind was too strong, the wind was in the wrong direction, the birds were too high, the rabbits were too close to cover, etc, etc! The birds got to have a good fly out anyway and both enjoyed a bath when they got back, with Zephyr going for full submersion and ending up looking more vulture than hawk.

Drowned rat!

Got back to Nottingham on Sunday to find all the local rivers rising and temperatures dropping. Let's hope we don't get a typical end to the river season.....

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