01/02/2011 - River Soar

Had a meeting down in Rothley in the morning. Therefore arranged to have the afternoon off so I could drop in on the Soar again on the way back to Nottingham. This was despite the fact that the Law of Diminishing Returns suggested that this was going to be a blank. And so it turned out! River was low and clear, which looked ideal for fishing bread. However, couldn't buy a bite in any of the usual spots despite fishing them hard for about three hours. River was possibly too low and clear if anything and the bright sunshine probably didn't help. Have yet to have one of those perfect days when the river has that green tinge that screams chub. What was slightly suprising and disappointing was that somebody in their wisdom (British Waterways?) had installed "No Fishing" signs along a section of bank where power lines run parallel to the river.

A**e covering?

The signs effectively take out a 100 metre section of bank, including two of my chub swims and access to a tasty section of overhanging trees on the far bank that looked good for a summer barbel. The signs at the upstream and downstream limits of this section are 45 - 50 metres away from the nearest power cable, which is 20 feet up in the air. There's also a public footpath which puts walkers directly underneath and at a higher elevation than anybody sat next to the river. Work that out then! I await the response from the powers that be........


  1. Hi Ian its Lee
    The signs have been removed now am not sure when they were removed or who got them removed but there gone. Got a club meeting tonight so am sure i will find out more. See you on the bank sometime.

  2. Cheers Lee. Let's hope the river drops a bit - time's running out!