28/09/2011 - River Derwent

Headed for the Derwent on a sweltering hot afternoon. River was low with a tricky upstream wind in the spot I wanted to fish, but it was on with the chest waders and into my "hole". Soon had the bleak going and was getting into a nice rythmn - overcast, spray maggots, wind the float back, strike! Perch paternoster went down the side as usual. Had been fishing for an hour before it was away, resulting in a perch of 1lb 15oz. Good start. Little while later it was away again. This time it felt solid and definitely pikey, but the hook pulled a few seconds into the fight. Put a bait out to the same spot and it was taken before I could pick up the float rod. "Pike", I thought and was proven right with a jack about 5lb, hooked right in the scissors by the size 6 Korum S3.

The next two casts went to the same spot and resulted in two more pike almost instantly - they must have been lining up! First one was again around 5lb, whilst the second was about 8lb and charged around all over the place, going around my front rod rest at one point. Had a bit of a lull after this and was on the phone to the wife about an hour later when the paternoster rod went off again. This was unmistakeably a perch. Got it in the landing net, saw it was a definite 2lber, but put a fresh bait straight out before I did anything else. Turned out to be one of my better decisions. Was just getting ready with the weigh sling when the micron signalled another take. Dropped the first perch back in the landing net, then landed an even bigger one next to it! Next few minutes were a bit of a blur, my tackle was in a right mess and I had two stonking perch in the net. Took a second to calm down and did the honours with the scales. First one went 2lb 13oz.  

Best from the Derwent.....not for long!

The next one was a lump and went 3lb 3oz - a new personal best.

Shell shocked!

To say that I was over the moon was an understatement. It was pitch black by now and my gear was in total disarray, so I stuffed it into my bag best I could and floated back to the car!

Brace shot