09/09/2011 - River Derwent

First session back on the rivers after a long summer holiday in France and Wales. Failed dismally to catch my first bass. Next opportunity is North Devon in October, so fingers crossed. Anyway, September is usually the time I start fishing for the predators so, with that in mind, I headed for the Derwent at Borrowash. Arrived to find my favourite swim completely overgrown. No worries, at least I knew nobody had fished it recently!

It's in there somewhere!

Tackled up the rods, put everything to hand on the bank and took up position in the water. Second trot down with the float rod I had a bleak. This went straight on the perch paternoster, which was cast down the side to my right. I didn't even have time to put another maggot on the hook before the perch rod started bouncing in the rests. Looked up to see a commotion on the surface as something hit the bait. Wound into what I thought was a small pike at first, but soon had my first Derwent perch of the season in the net. Was a very hollow fish of 1lb 14oz that should easily go over 2lb in better condition.


Carried on trotting and was soon catching a procession of bleak, small chub, gudgeon, roach and the occasional clonking dace. However, had to wait another hour for some more action on the perch rod. Another very positive take, resulting in a fish of 2lb 2oz (some people have spoken about their "bogey weight" for perch, well 2lb 2oz seems to be mine!).

First 2lber of the season

Had another run soon afterwards, but the fish dropped the bait. Hopefully a small one! With about half an hour of light left I wound in the float and concentrated on the perch rod. Had one last take before it got dark. Unfortunately it was a jack of about 8lb, which gave me a good scrap on the light gear. Took that as an opportune moment to pack up. Not a bad start and definitely good to be back!

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