17/07/2011 - River Trent

Had a text from my friend Stuart. He'd been fishing muddy puddles the last few weekends with his father-in-law and fancied a change, so I suggested we try the LEVAS section of the Trent near Long Eaton. Got there about 6.30 pm to find it grey, blustery, wet and cold. Our wisdom on going fishing that evening was further called into question shortly after casting out. The weed situation was horrendous! Even with a 3 ounce lead and a big bow in the line, it was about 15 minutes before everything started to drag out of position, with line coming back in festooned with green snot that gave absolutely no confidence in bait presentation. Amazingly, we'd been there about an hour when Stuart appeared at the top of the bank with an absolute lump, a new PB of 12lb 12oz, which had taken a 21mm halibut pellet out in mid-river. Unfortunately, both of us had forgotten our cameras, so it was a quick snap on the Blackberry that really didn't do it justice.

Happy man!

Fished on with renewed enthusiasm, but the weed situation didn't improve and we packed up about 10.30 pm. Taking everything into account, it was a miracle that one fish decided to pick up a bait. Stuart's going to be buying my Euromillions ticket for me this week!

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