Farm Pond - 01/07/2011

Had promised to take my lad, James, fishing on his Inset Day. A farmer I know had said that I could go fishing on his pond, promising carp, bream and "millions" of tench, so it seemed a good opportunity to have a recce. Got down there for about 9 am to find a couple of locals already there. Fishing was reported as slow, put down to the drop in temperature overnight. However, undaunted, I set James up with the float rod and got him fishing on the bottom of the marginal shelf, a couple of rod lengths out.

Fish on!

I had intended to fish myself, but it didn't really pan out that way as fishing with an excitable 11 year old is a bit of a full on experience! Apart from me having to continuously re-bait, spray maggots, untangle knots and retrieve hooks from bankside vegetation, he had a bite a cast. Mini perch followed mini perch, with the occasional mini rudd thrown in for variety.
It was mid-afternoon before the float buried and he found himself attached to something more substantial, a nice little common carp.

Best of the day.

Two more followed before we had to pack up. A good day for the lad, but don't know where those "millions" of tench got to!

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  1. That looks a similar venue to where I started on at his age. Nice carp to!