23/02/2012 - River Soar

Was a no-brainer that I would go fishing today given the rise in temperature and drop in the wind. Decided on another pike session in the hope that the "big girls" had started to stir, so headed for the River Soar again to the site of my recent "jack-fest". Got there for first light and was suprised to see a van at the end of the lane. Luckily the two occupants had taken the easy option and had dropped into the first swim downstream. Had a quick chat. One of them had fished there a few times, but had not had anything decent. However, he did say that his "mate" had caught a twenty last season "that he didn't weigh" - okaaay! Left them to it and walked upstream to my usual starting point. Put both baits out in the channel and sat watching the fish topping between the boats. Didn't have to wait long as the downstream rod soon trundled off, resulting in a little 'un of about 5lb. The fish came regularly after that, taking everything I threw at them - roach, mackerel, smelt and lamprey. The biggest of the day, a short, fat fish possibly scraping 9lb, gave a good account of itself and provided some entertainment for an old boy at the marina on the opposite bank. When I got it in the net he gave me the thumbs up and then asked me what kind of fish it was. It just suprised me that somebody who obviously spent a lot of time next to the water didn't know what a pike looked like!

Know your fish #1 - The Pike

Finished at mid-day having had ten runs and landing 8 fish. That's 19 in four sessions, but still no double! Can't help feeling that if I want a biggie before the end of the season I'll have to think about going somewhere else.


  1. Thats a great session in terms of action for the Soar Ian, nice one!

  2. Every time I've been down to check tickets there's no one there, sly buggers!

    That lane is getting ridiculously bad isn't it

  3. Rob, four there yesterday including me! An old chap had turned up and was fishing downstream of the lane - completely blocking the towpath with his gear! Somebody has attempted to put a bit of tarmac down at the top end and the farmer has put some hardcore in the worst holes at the bottom. Still flippin' awful! Not knocking the amount of action - it was like the good old days in Licolnshire - just a bit disappointed that I've not had a Soar double yet. Cheers, Ian.

  4. Yeah I've seen the attempted repairs Ian, not sure if I'd rather risk the holes than the hardcore though! I notice someone's been having fires down there again too but at least the club signs still there, I took an extension ladder to stick that up out of reach!