01/10/2012 - River Soar

Had been champing at the bit to get back to the Trent last week, but work and the wet weather conspired against me. Had therefore been watching the river levels dropping over the weekend with a view to getting out after work. Unfortunately it was a bit too soon for the Trent, which was still too high, so headed for the River Soar near Kegworth instead.

Found a swim at the deeper, slower end of the section that offered a bit of shelter from the blustery wind and applied "the method". Soon had bleak, roach, dace and small perch crawling up the float rod and was able to put the paternoster down the side of a bed of whips. Didn't have to wait long before it was away, but turned out to be the wrong species.   

Not you again!
Dropped in again and a bit later a stuttering, drop-back resulted in a micro-jack that had done well to get the whole bait in its gob. A move downstream into a small bay saw another one of the little pests snaffle another bait. Despite a final move into the best looking spot on the section, that proved to be the last of the action.


  1. You sure you don't carry that thing around in your flask Ian?

    1. Ha! Occupational hazard fishing for the perch the way I do. In fact, think I had more pike than perch off the Derwent and the Soar last year....