11/10/2012 - River Soar

Indulged in a spot of "smash and grab" lure fishing as advocated by fellow blogger Lee of "This Angling Life". Dropped in on the Soar near Sutton Bonington on the way home from a meeting to find a group of lads just packing up after fishing all day on the pole. One of them mentioned that he'd had pike trouble in his swim and that I should try there, so didn't need a second invitation. Was soon casting a Storm wildeye roach over to the far bank and working it back across the river. However, the first take when it came was right under my feet as a pike shot out from the marginal reeds and completely gobbed the lure. Led me a merry dance on short line, uprooting cabbages as it did so.

Moved down to the next swim and cast the lure down the edge of the weed to my left. Had an immediate take from a slightly smaller, tail-walking pike that again put up a good fight on my light gear. Would have stayed a bit longer, but it had started raining quite heavily and it was getting uncomfortable, so headed back to the car. On the subject of lures, I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of some Savage Gear real eels (read fellow blogger Paul Bosworth's review here http://riverpiker.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/savage-gear-real-eel-review.html), so will be trying them out somewhere soon.

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