29/06/2013 - Cleddau Estuary

The next opportunity to try for some more bass came quicker than expected when the wife suggested I take the kids down to Wales for a long weekend. It was an opportunity not to be missed - Amy had just finished her GCSE's, James had a double inset day and I had loads of flexi-time to use up, so Friday saw us pootling down the motorway to Pembrokeshire. Got there to find that the tides had worked out nicely again, with low tide on the Saturday at about 5.30 AM. Actually got there on the day about an hour later to catch it as it turned and started pushing up the estuary, hopefully bringing the fish with it. Decided to stick with the Megabass-X130 that had worked well last time, casting off the beach into the main channel. Had been plugging away for half an hour before I had a take, a good solid "clonk" as I changed the direction of the lure towards the end of the retrieve, resulting in my first bass of the day.

Bar of silver
A few casts later I had a fish hit the lure virtually under the rod top, but unfortunately failed to connect. By now the water level had crept up to my crotch, so I backed up and moved along the beach a little thinking perhaps the fish were closer in. Seemed to work as very next cast in resulted in another bar of silver.
X-130 again!
Carried on for a bit longer, but the tide was really racing by now and a big group of canoeists had arrived in the carpark, so decided to end it there happy with my two fish. Was even happier when I spotted some samphire sticking up out of the mud. Went nicely with a poached egg on toast and chilli sauce when I got home!
Was in the same spot an hour later the following day. However, was faced with a stiff breeze blowing straight into the inlet, which made casting across the channel a bit difficult. Wave action on the shore had coloured the water up as well, so switched to an X-130 in chartreuse. Had a clonk early on and was just backing up into the shallows to land the fish when it conveniently decided to unhook itself! Carried on with the wind getting stronger and my confidence getting weaker. Had just about given up when I had a take close in. This one I managed to beach safely. Was bit cold by now and I could see the same group of canoeists arriving in the car park again so, after collecting another handful of samphire for breakfast, called it a day. As I walked back to the car I was treated to the sight of a Red Kite flying overhead. These are getting more and more common in Pembrokeshire, presumably as they move down from mid-Wales, but are still fantastic to see.

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