01/09/10 - River Derwent

Possibly more of an evening to sit in the garden with a cold beer. However, had been in Wales for another week without any fishing, so was itching to go......

Slight smug feeling on discovering an empty carpark soon disappeared upon finding half a dozen lanky youths swimming in the river just upstream of where I wanted to fish. Did consider change of venue, but with the evenings seeming to draw in suprisingly quickly recently I carried on downstream for another 200 metres to where I could see some fish topping. Soon had the trotting rod out and had a couple of baits in the bucket when something decided to make off with the next small fish I was reeling in. It eventually let go and I was left with a very dead, scaleless roach. Thinking a big perch was responsible I set up a paternoster and dropped it in the side. This was away before I'd put the line in the bobbin. Unfortunately, whatever it was soon came off and I was left with another dead, scaleless bait. The 15 to 20 minutes that followed were rather frustrating to say the least. First I had a dropped bait because I forgot to take the bail arm off. Then I had a bite off, followed by two pike that charged up and down and effectively killed off the swim. One was the ugliest thing I'd ever laid eyes on!

A face only a mother could love!

With about an hour of daylight left I took my one remaining bait up to the swim I'd originally intended to fish. However, seems that the pike decided to follow me and I soon had another jack in the net. Having run out of bait I then had a very frustrating half an hour where I couldn't anything apart from minnows and hand size roach! When I did eventually catch a reasonably sized bait it was nearly dark and, whilst I gave it another half an hour, any opportunity for a perch had gone.

Pike seem to be a problem on this section when they weren't before. Can't see any other option but to use wire from now on and hope that it doesn't affect the perch......

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