09/09/2010 - River Trent

Was working in the Newark area today, so put the float rod in the car, knocked off at 3 and grabbed a couple of hours of trotting.

Headed to the sand bank at East Stoke again. River level was well up the bank due to the rain earlier in the week and with more of a flow pushing through compared to last visit. Water was gin clear, but I was suprised by the number of leaves that were already coming down. Won't be long before the rivers are full of them! Had to wait a while for the fish to arrive, but when they did it was a bite (but not necessarily a fish) a cast. That was until the breeze picked up and changed direction making it awkward to hold the necessary trotting line. Should have put on a bigger float carrying more shot, but with limited time soldiered on....as you do. Still ended up with a decent mixed bag consisting of predominantly roach, but with some dace, perch, bleak and a couple of gudgeon thrown in.

Nice to see that there were some reasonable silver fish weights in the recent Division One National. Let's hope they continue showing through to the winter.

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