25/09/10 - Bits and bobs

Work and family commitments and two days in bed with man flu put paid to any fishing this week. Had a walk up the Trent from work on Friday lunchtime. Was blowing a gale, freezing cold and there were big drifts of leaves already coming down the river. All in all very depressing. Even the sight of two hoodies crouched under a golf umbrella on the far bank while their mate helplessly thrashed the water with a spinner didn't cheer me up.

Autumn's arrived!

Went to Walkers today to restock on bits and came out £40 poorer, which depressed me even more. I had been looking at my rigs after the thrashing Jim had given me last week and decided that the fluorocarbon I had been using was a bit too inflexible with smaller hooks and baits. Therefore tied up some combi-rigs with a short section of braid on the end of the fluorocarbon hooklink.

Combi rig

The "6 up, 6 down" knot gives a really neat finish to the rig (see Sean Harrison tie it here http://www.questbaits.com/docs/videovault/combirig/index.html). Also bought some of the new Sonubaits Elips pellets. If I behave myself I may get a chance to try them on the Derwent tomorrow. Better start by getting the tea on.........

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